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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 23, 2021 Contact: Isreal Salinas  


Isreal Salinas announced his candidacy for Texas Senate District 27, seeking the Republican nomination in the 2022 Republican Primary Election in March. Salinas considers himself an average, everyday American and Texan – the Common Man Conservative - who works a regular job, doesn't come from a political family and doesn't buy into an elitist view of politics. “As a man of humble origins, I feel that I am the embodiment of the grassroots movement.” Salinas said, stating that the founders did not restrict public service to the elite because they knew that the common man with conviction would be more attuned to the needs of his fellow countrymen. “I am ready to be a voice that protects my fellow Texans from a government, whether it be federal or state, that would grow its own power and never release control after it has gained it.” Following Salinas’s announcement to challenge Senator Eddie Lucio, Jr. for the SD27 seat, Lucio announced his retirement from the Senate, leaving SD27 an open seat. Salinas then saw the SD27 race as even more critical, stressing that the Democrat party would work hard to fill this seat with a Democrat who would not be a prolife advocate, as Senator Lucio was, and that could undo the strides forward that have been made in the Texas Legislature to protect the unborn. “A Democrat who fled to D.C. in an attempt to keep Texas from passing the election integrity bill, seeks election and will not vote to protect the unborn.” Salinas said, referring to Democrat Rep. Alex Dominguez’s announcement to run to replace Sen. Lucio. “It is crucial, now more than ever, that you voice your support to my unapologetically prolife campaign.” When asked what prompted his interest in seeking public office, he explained that he grew tired of only sharing articles and making Facebook posts, and reached out to his local county Republican party, intending only to serve as a small level volunteer.

Once he learned that his precinct had rarely if ever had a precinct chair, he volunteered to serve on the County Executive Committee and lead the conservative effort in his precinct. He has since served as a delegate to all levels of Republican conventions, including the Republican National Convention. Salinas has been very active over the last two years, volunteering for the campaigns of several Republican candidates in local, state and federal elections, currently including Mayra Flores for Congress in CD34 and formerly Pastor Frank Pomeroy in his 2020 campaign for Texas Senate in SD21 and has provided testimony in the legislature in support of the recently passed Constitutional Carry legislation. Salinas promises to be the pro-family, pro-God, pro-life, and pro-2nd Amendment candidate that families in SD27 can rely on to be their voice and ensure their conservative values are upheld in the Texas Senate. “In these times of government overreach, uncertainty, and hardship, I believe it is the duty of our elected officials to defend State Sovereignty and the rights of the individual.” Salinas said. “I will fight to ensure that the state of Texas continues to be a beacon of Liberty to the rest of the nation for years to come.” His additional priorities are to continue the fight against Critical Race Theory (CRT) in our public school curriculum and other ideologies that seek to undermine America and promote division. “Additionally, it is my commitment to support the legislative priorities of the Republican party, as defined by the delegates, to embrace the intended true grassroots spirit of the party.” In addition to his strong conservative activism and campaign volunteer work, Salinas has served as a volunteer in the Sandia Volunteer Fire Department, and his background includes working as a correctional officer with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice and a substitute teacher at Mathis ISD. Born in Mathis, Salinas returned to South Texas after graduating high school, residing in Mathis with his wife, Sara and currently works for the San Patricio County Parks Departartment.

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